Climate Change

Alongside our partners and driven by our values, the Stanley Center is committed to a peaceful, equitable, and livable climate future with global temperatures safely limited to 1.5°C.

Solutions for climate change can become a key driver of equity and peace.

Climate change has exacerbated food, health, energy, and economic crises in every corner of the planet with compounding effect on inequity, division, and conflict. We believe that ambitious climate action—done right—will lead to a better world than we found it.

The kind of climate action we uphold includes and centers the most marginalized, considers only safe and just solutions that redress and repair systemic harms, and accounts for the consequences of global temperature rise.

Transformational policy is our collective, moral obligation to the people, societies, and economies of the most climate-vulnerable places on Earth—and to future generations. The time for systemic and collective mitigation efforts and adequate adaptation approaches is now.

Key Strategies

Catalyzing the change of focus to implementation and impacts

With the Paris Agreement entering its implementation phase, the UNFCCC process and COPs must become more than a forum for negotiation—they must prove capacity for increasingly ambitious policy implementation and collective action to address impacts. Alongside non-state and subnational actors, we seek to catalyze that shift.

Driving specific, critical transformations

From the private sector to civil society to governments at all levels, all actors need to further the kinds of critical changes necessary to limit temperature rise. We develop the conversations to identify and drive action.

Scaling climate action through the broader global governance system

For policy progress to be truly transformative, institutions other than the UNFCCC must become enablers of ambitious climate action. We create space and opportunity for the barriers to be identified and policy solutions to be advanced.

Pivoting on climate, peace, and security

The perception of climate change as a threat multiplier to peace and security serves a limited, narrow, and defensive purpose. By championing climate action as a force multiplier for good, we will demonstrate how just and equitable climate solutions can lead to more peaceful and secure futures for all.

DivestInvest Pledge

Mitigating climate change is not only important for global peace and security, but key to fulfilling our moral imperative to protect those communities most at risk. As part of our core values, the Stanley Center recognizes the collective responsibility of all people to one another, to our planet, and to building a just and sustainable future.

For these reasons, the Stanley Center has pledged to eliminate investments in fossil fuels from the endowment that supports our work. We encourage other organizations to DivestInvest.

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Are you a journalist or in media?

In addition to our efforts to drive policy progress, the Stanley Center creates media trainings and forums, facilitates reporting fellowships, and regularly invites journalists to share their unique perspectives in policy conversations. Learn more about how to get involved.

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