Living Building

The Stanley Center’s new home will be an investment in our local community and aim for the highest standards of green and sustainable living.

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LBC Petal – Beauty

The beauty petal concentrates on the use of biophilic design to create a connection to nature even when indoors. It promotes the idea of a positive human experience within a building.

Veyda Matos

May 1, 2024

LBC Petal – Materials

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) promotes a responsible materials economy: a model that calls for locally-sourced construction materials that are non-toxic and pose little to no impact on humans or the environment. The LBC also nurtures product transparency by requiring materials to be red-list-free.

Veyda Matos

April 25, 2024

Healing Ground, Living Values

The book explores our collaborative approach to designing and constructing a biophilic and regenerative building aspiring to meet the most robust building standard in the world, known as the Living Building Challenge.

April 24, 2024

LBC Petal – Energy

The energy petal of the Living Building Challenge seeks to minimize reliance on fossil fuels while promoting the use of clean energy. It requires that 105% of the building’s energy demands be produced on site from a renewable resource.

Veyda Matos

April 15, 2024

Living Future Mural

The Stanley Center wants to know: what does sustainability look like to you?

April 3, 2024

LBC Petal – Place

According to the Living Building Challenge, the Place Petal seeks to realign how people understand and relate to the natural environment. The Place Petal challenges project teams to understand their site, its history and ecology, and the cultural and social issues impacting the surrounding community.

Veyda Matos

November 29, 2023

LBC Petal – Health & Happiness

The Living Building Challenge calls for creating healthy spaces that allow all species to thrive by connecting people to nature and ensuring that our indoor spaces have healthy air and natural daylight.

Veyda Matos

August 2, 2023

Stanley Center’s Living Building Story

The primary goal of the Stanley Center's Living Building is to educate and inspire others to be mindful of the planet, the opportunities for action, and the importance of diverse perspectives.

June 20, 2023

Join Us for the Sustainability Fair on June 2!

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security invites our local community to attend the Sustainability Fair in celebration of the Grand Opening of our new home at 304 Iowa Avenue.

May 10, 2023

Moving into a Living Building

In March and April 2023, Stanley Center staff moved into our new Stanley Green Home at 304 Iowa Avenue.

April 12, 2023

Tree of Accountability

This artwork will represent our efforts to reconcile our dwelling in Native lands and bring awareness to the colonial history and ongoing injustices faced by Native people.

April 6, 2023

Time Capsule Expanded and Returned

The time capsule from 1901 and 1971 discovered during renovations at 304 Iowa Avenue has been returned to the building with the addition of new artifacts from the present day.

February 8, 2023